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Free light leak and lens flare HD download page

This page will collect together in one place my light leaks and film burn style clips for you to download and use.

What are these?
These are short high definition clips for use by editors and compositors. They work with any editing package - however I am delivering them as Quicktimes. By layering them over your images, using a compositing style such as 'screen' you add colour and interest - reminiscent of old style film effects.

What's different about these?
I use these kinds of clips a lot in my work. There are a lot of them online already so I've tried to do something different. Firstly, I've tried to have a slower, more elegant style to these. Secondly, I've made sure they are in the top HD ProRes quality. Thirdly, I've collected by style so you don't have to search through loads of clips to find the one you want. Lastly, there is no audio track for these clips - so when you drag them on your timeline you won't interfere with your audio.

How do I get them?
For each collection I've put up a sample via youtube. There is then a file to download.
  • 1080p HD
  • ProRes format (Movs)
  • Zipped together in batches of 6 or 7
I will add more over the next few weeks via blog posts - but will update this page also.

How did you do them?
I took the lens off of my camera and added various glass objects to the front instead - then combined that with lamps and light sources.

Are they free?
Creative Commons License
Light Leaks by Tim Clague is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported LicenseBased on a work at

So, in short, yes, free to use and download etc for your personal projects. They are released under creative commons - so free to use for your own projects. If you make money with them then donate.
If you want to do me a favour for non-commercial use - that would be great too. Cheers. A few suggestions.

If you are super kind and get something out of using these then please donate a small amount -

Lastly, you can play about with these leaks in an iOS app called Videohance

One: Warm Light Leaks - for using as wipes.

These fade up from black to pure white making them ideal to be used to transition from one clip to the next in your edit timeline.
Download here (156MB) -

Two: Warm, Shuttering Light Leaks - for using as wipes.

 These beautiful light leaks are like pulses of light moving across the screen. Similar to lens flare / film burn effects. These are also suitable to be used as wipes, if composited over the two images as I have ensured the brightness levels max out as they pass across the screen. Composite using the 'screen' style for best effect. There are 9 clips in the set.
Download here (189MB) -

Three: Multi-coloured sparkles

This sparkle backdrop can be used either as a background for titles or used to composite over other footage, to give it a shine. The colours in this are really rich so they will shine through into the final edit. This is a single 1080p ProRes HD MOV clip to download.

Download here (115MB) -

Four: Warm Exposures

The warm exposures are a softer gentler kind of effect. These are more suited to putting over the top of longer clips rather than over edits.

Five: Warm Sweep

The warm sweeps flow across the screen and add colour and texture to a clip. These are more suited to putting over the top of longer clips rather than over edits.

Six: Warm Pulses

The warm pulses fade in and out. Place over key points in your timeline to highlight them. They also work well sped up to 300 or 400% to create natural 'flashes'.

Seven: Pastel shades

The pastel shades are more suited to subtle shading of still images or as backfrops and backgrounds.

Eight: Colourful strobes and burn outs

These colourful pulses and flashes are ideal for fast paced, bright edits or music videos.

Nine: Cool wipes

These fade up from black to pure white making them ideal to be used to transition from one clip to the next in your edit timeline. The cool colours are ideal for high-tech edits or to complement lens flares.

Ten: Cool wash

The cool colours wash across the screen. The cool colours are ideal for high-tech edits or to complement lens flares. The luminance range makes them ideal to be composited in the middle of clips.

Eleven: Cool light leaks

The cool colours leak across the screen - ideal for showreels, trailers and highlight reels, especially if you speed up 400%
Twelve: Film burn effect

The colours flare in and out - ideal for starting or ending a promo, especially if you speed up 400%

Thirteen: Light facets

These bursts of light pan across the screen, spankling as they go. Created by effectively using a glass crystal as a lens directly on the camera, they offer blinding light, mixed with refracting spectrums. There are 8 versions in this one clip. One even 'maxes out' to white making it ideal to use as a transition or dissolve. To keep under a 200MB limit I had to compress this as the highest possible quality H264.

Download here (157MB) -

Fourteen: Multi-faceted flares

This multi-element flare was made for when you need colour, detail, range and an organic / analogue feel to a lens flare. Great for compositing over shots and transitions you can speed it up for another great look. I've used the slowest original speed here so you can ramp up the speeds and do what you like. Another tip is to recolour them, to blue for example. There are 3 in this set. They were filmed with a plastic lens, hence the very grungy feel to them. To keep un der a 200MB limit I had to compress this as the highest possible quality H264.

Download here (98MB) -

Fifteen: classic lens flare sweep

This is a classic lens flare sweep, using a standard glass lens. As with a lot of my light leaks, they work better when sped up, but I present them at the original slow speed to give you the most options. The clip ends with a nice rainbow pattern that I captured as a bit of a bonus.

Download here, ProRes 1080p (151MB) -

Sixteen: pulsing lens flare

This is a twitching lens flare, a compliment to clip 14. Sometimes, for example, compositing over titles, you don't want a moving flare. You want a static one. A totally static image can be got via a freeze-frame - but that's the same. A little movement is good.
Download here, ProRes 1080p (151MB) -

Seventeen: angular light leak

This is a slightly different kind of light leak. It's angular in nature due to the glass prism used in place of a lens during the filming. I was finding that I was often using the light leaks as an alpha channel to add moving interest to a backdrop - or as a wipe. Yet I was missing something with lines and angle, hence this clip.

Download here, HD 1080p (150MB) -

Eighteen: fast lens flare sweep

These fast sweeps are a variation on a previous clip. The faster speed is useful to act as a wipe.
Download here, ProRes 1080p (133MB) -

Nineteen: Arctic Glass light leak (1)

This is a crazy kind of light leak. The spiral shapes look amazing sped up and this can be used as a transition too. This is one of three in this style, all shot near the Arctic Circle for the best kind of light

Download here, HD 1080p (148MB) -

Twenty: Arctic Glass light leak (2)

More transition-friendly spiral leaks

Download here, HD 1080p (148MB) -

Twenty One: Arctic Glass backdrop

A tripping, curving, light leak - ideal as a background / backdrop / composite over titles or footage OR speed up for a crazy wipe! This is one of three in this style, all shot near the Arctic Circle for the best kind of light

Download here, HD 1080p (148MB) -

Twenty Two: Classic film style corner leak

These have a corner effect to help use as a wipe. maxing out to white - so ideal for compositions. They are in the style what you used to get on an old super 8 mm cine camera or 16mm film. With rotation / mirroring it can be any corner of course.

Download here, HD 1080p (177MB) -
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Twenty Three: Real lens flare wipe

A real light edge wipe, made by passing light through inch-thick glass.

Download here, HD 1080p (170MB) -

Twenty Four: Waves Plasma Backdrop

Constantly moving and morphing background for titles or compositing.

Download here, HD 1080p (170MB) -

Twenty Five: Swirling Light Cloud

Light shifting through a cloud in a ghostly manner (2 clips).

Download here, HD 1080p (170MB) -



James said...

Cheers for these, they look great, i'd be interested to know how you made them.

Tim Clague said...

Basically by taking the lens off the camera and using alternative objects to filter the light

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this is awesome... thank you for share....

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Here You Can Download Free Movies Directly By Just Clicking On This Link

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Awesome .... I love it.
Thank you so so so much <3

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good job!!

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Thank you so so much i am looking something like this from last 3 three days thank you :) :)

FilmerFlo said...

Thanks so much for these amazing film burns & light leaks! I really, really appreciate it :)

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This is brilliant. I love how you have made them and the format and presentation.
Thank you for sharing your work!


Thank you very much !

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Большое спасибо!!! Такие разные все, то что надо.

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Thanks very nice work, wish I can donate, but it's not posible for me due to my situstion, but will do on a near future.

Thanks again

tone said...

Great work and very generous of you to share. The organization of these files and this post must have taken you quite a bit of time. I'm donating right now!

Chef Billy Parisi said...

When I overlay the quicktime in FCP in my sequence, their is still a black background. Is there something I need to do?

Sara said...

Its really nice to see this kind of things i love the new ways to express “art” with the new tachnologies maybe i can share this video with my friends if i get a whatsapp download